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5 Star Google Rating

I have greatly enjoyed my sessions with Julian. From traditional talk therapy, to mindfulness practices, Julian is compassionate and skillful in the way he guides me through my experience. I would highly recommend Julian to anyone, especially those who are interested in modern cutting edge care. I would also highly recommend Julian’s podcast “A State of Mind” if you want to learn more about Julian’s own interests and his approach to healing

– A. R.

“Julian has been such a joy to work with. In just a few sessions, his insight and guidance have helped me to gain incredible clarity. Julian has created a safe environment to go deep and explore beneath the surface. I am incredibly grateful for Julian and the support he has provided.”
– M. L.

“Deep and insightful, Julian has a peaceful quality that inspires calmness and curiosity. I appreciate his ability to listen, to be present and to promote contact. Definitely recommend him.”
– Gabriel S.

“It seems like the sun has come out for C. He seems lighter and happier… wanted to let you know our view and to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping him. You rock!”
– H. S.

“It’s only been five sessions and I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me. Sometimes the things you say just blow my mind and I sit with them all week until our next meeting.’
– M. K.

“The quality of soulfulness and depth with which Julian operates is profound. He’s got the Midas Touch especially when working with clients. I highly recommend his work” – 
– Kevin M.

“Humans thrive when Someone validates their unique sparkle. Julian is a gifted healer. We wholeheartedly recommend him”

“I highly recommend Julian. He is not only highly trained, but he is the real thing. With a pure heart, he is able to be fully present with and deeply listen so that he can gracefully guide his clients. He can be trusted.”
– Hyla V.

“I have grown and deepened in all my relationships through working with Julian. This includes my relationship to my self. Highly recommended for marriage counseling and for personal therapy. Julian is very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Forming a therapeutic alliance was easier, and happened faster than it had for me in the past.”
– Jaspar C.

“Julian is a very compassionate and skilled therapist. I have deeply appreciated learning mindfulness and especially relational mindfulness. The quality of my life and relationships has improved and I have seen myself grow in new ways.”
– Robyn

“Julian is a skilled and compassionate therapist. He has much to offer from many different modalities. He is able to help work through and resolve trauma and traumatic memories.”

“I found Julian to be an utmost professional, gentleman and scholar and recommend his services to all curious minds so inclined.”
– Chris E.