Trauma informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic therapy, Couples Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching

Entering into the container of transpersonal psychotherapy is to make a bet – on one’s self. It takes a profound courage and trust in one’s own innate capacity for wisdom, healing and strength to make this step.

It is a powerful moment of stepping into a liminal space, and a journey unfolds, whether for a single hour or for many days and weeks and months.

What differentiates my approach from other therapists and healers? Your own conscious experience is the ground which we will explore in relationship, together. Consciousness, whatever we may think of it, is all we ever really know and experience.

Consciousness can be looked at in terms of the body (somatic, feeling, tension, relaxation, pain and bliss), the voice (energetic, emotional, expression), the mind (conceptual understandings, thought patterns, conscious and sub-conscious beliefs, expectations, assumptions) and awareness, which is personal loci of the self, as well as the ground of being itself, or in other words: awareness is the container in which all else is always happening.

Awareness is freedom – this is the fundamental point of all the practices and teachings of mindfulness and meditation

To put this in another way:

All our experience is our own consciousness
This consciousness is openness
This openness is spontaneously present, in the here and now
This here and now is already free.

It is not enough to just think we understand this with our conceptual, thinking mind. We need to experience it in our life, in our relationships, in our work and in our play.

To be fully yourself, fully expressed in the world, creative, open, in touch with your source and your inspiration – this is the point of true healing.