Psychedelic Integration Circle with Julian Royce

Trauma informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic therapy, Couples Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching

Integration is a process of making whole; it is crucial for our growth to put into practice that which we have learned, to make real the insights and ‘downloads’ we have received and to walk to the walk in order to be in integrity and to share our gifts with the world. Sharing about one’s psychedelic experiences is welcome here along with all other relevant experiences related to your journey of healing and growth. 

Putting your experience into words can help immensely with integration. There is also an element of accountability from being listened to by the group that can be very valuable. Each group will build on the previous groups; that being said, you are welcome to join at any time

Who this group is for:
– People receiving Ketamine and Cannabis assisted therapy
– Participants of Ayuasca ceremonies
– Psychonauts
– Meditators and Yogis
– Anyone interested in furthering their own healing and growth. Previous psychedelic experience is not a requirement; transpersonal experiences can happen in a variety of ways, including through breathwork, dreams, meditation or spontaneously. 

Structure of the Group:
– We will begin with a short guided meditation
– A theme or practical teaching will be offered
– Everyone will have space to share about their experience. 
– At the end,there is an opportunity to state an intention to work with between now and the next group. 

Check back soon or send us a message! Currently figuring out the best time for the group to meet. We have been meeting twice a month.

Hybrid Zoom & in person at our North Boulder office (near Kalmia and 28th Street in Boulder, Colorado. Address will be given to accepted participants)

Cost: $25 per group; 3 or more groups for $20 per group. 

Apply to join by emailing or messaging through this website.
You will receive more information, including the Group Guidelines. Agreeing to these is required for everyone who wishes to participate.