Psychedelic Integration Circle with Julian Royce

Trauma informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic therapy, Couples Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching

Integration has been a huge part of my inner journey; In many ways, I consider it to be the essential process by which a path of growth, development and awakening becomes genuinely meaningful in the world. 

For those whose path includes psychedelics, proper integration can be the difference between a break down or a break through. 

Integration is the process of making whole. It is the long term process of healing, transformation and living in alignment. Daniel Siegel describes Integration as “the key mechanism beneath both the absence of illness and the presence of well-being”. 

Cultivating loving community and healthy connection are crucial elements of integration. 

For those who find them helpful, I recommend attending consistently for a period of 2-3 months, to support sustainable healing, growth and transformations.

Putting your experience into words can help immensely with integration. There is also an element of accountability from being listened to by the group that can be very valuable. Each group will build on the previous groups; that being said, you are welcome to join at any time

Who this group is for:
– People receiving Ketamine and Cannabis assisted therapy
– Participants of Ayuasca ceremonies
– Psychonauts
– Meditators and Yogis
– Anyone interested in furthering their own healing and growth. Previous psychedelic experience is not a requirement; transpersonal experiences can happen in a variety of ways, including through breathwork, dreams, meditation or spontaneously. 

Please Bring or have near you a Journal and some art supplies such as paper and pens, or if you want, colored pencils or sharpies or other creative tools.

Structure of the Group:
– We will begin with a guided meditation or practice
– A different theme or teaching may be offered

– Exercises can include Writing and being creative with drawing or artwork
– Everyone will have space to share and ask questions. 
– At the end, we will have some time to socialize and to ask questions or continue the group conversation.

In general, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 6-7:15pm MST. 

Hybrid Zoom & in person at our downtown Boulder office (address given to those who register for in person)

Cost: $25 to join for one of the circles or a package of $125 for 8 circles.

-> Apply to join by emailing or messaging through this website.
You will receive more information, including the Group Guidelines. Agreeing to these is required for everyone who wishes to participate.