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Julian Royce, MA on his background, philosophy and EMDR trauma informed therapy

Originally published at: Julian Royce, MA interviewed by Craig Salerno, LPC.  First of all, can you give me a brief background of who you are and the work you do? I work professionally as a mindfulness based, trauma informed psychotherapist, meditation teacher, coach, occasional consultant and am the creator and host of A State…
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First Responders and Trauma

Today I had the privilege of offering a free session to a first responder affected by the recent mass shooting at King Soopers here in Boulder. In working with trauma, I have come to the unfortunate discovery that such widely publicized events are in fact the tiniest tip of the iceberg of unresolved & unhealed…
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Authentic Relating: Unpacking the 5 Core Practices

“Authentic Relating” is the name of a new(ish) movement, It teaches ways to be more real – with your self and in relationship.     I recently completed a training with a company called ART (Authentic Relating Training), held in person (a rarity in this time of the Covid Pandemic!) up in the mountains above Boulder,…
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A Reflection On Teaching Mindfulness In Schools

Last week was the fourth week of helping teach mindfulness to two classes of middle school students. It has brought so many memories to my mind: waking up before dawn, the icy drive to school, navigating the confusing streets of downtown Denver, remembering how horrible it was to have to wake up so early when…
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Excerpt from ‘Towards a Truly Transpersonal Psychology in Theory and Practice’

Perhaps the job of the Transpersonal therapist is served by a great deal of transparency. This can go beyond Irvin Yalom’s injunction to transparency, because it can include making explicit one’s own theoretical orientation and one’s own spiritual/meditative practices, background training and also one’s own experiences, including transpersonal experiences, if it benefits the therapeutic process.…
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Excerpt from “On Adopting A Developmental View of the Sciences”

There is a lot of discussion in spiritual circles about the ‘new paradigm’ in physics. Usually this is referring to quantum mechanics and/or Einstein’s theory of relativity (special and general relativity). But actually, this so called new paradigm is now around 100 years old. The ‘old’ paradigm is of the Newtonian-Cartesian model of the universe…
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