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Authentic Relating: Unpacking the 5 Core Practices

“Authentic Relating” is the name of a new(ish) movement, It teaches ways to be more real – with your self and in relationship.     I recently completed a training with a company called ART (Authentic Relating Training), held in person (a rarity in this time of the Covid Pandemic!) up in the mountains above Boulder,…
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Excerpt from “On Adopting A Developmental View of the Sciences”

There is a lot of discussion in spiritual circles about the ‘new paradigm’ in physics. Usually this is referring to quantum mechanics and/or Einstein’s theory of relativity (special and general relativity). But actually, this so called new paradigm is now around 100 years old. The ‘old’ paradigm is of the Newtonian-Cartesian model of the universe…
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In Every Moment

One of the most healing and relaxing statements I have heard: In every moment, we are each just choosing the best possible response we could choose in that moment. Whatever we choose is the best seeming response in that moment. If there had been a better choice, you would have chosen that. So we precede,…
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