About A State of Mind

Trauma informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic therapy, Couples Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching

A State of Mind Counseling was founded with the intention to bring the best possible individualized care to those seeking healing, fuller health and greater optimization in specific areas of their lives. Our approaches are informed by psychology, neuroscience, trauma research, inter-personal neurobiology, Breathwork, and Indo-Tibetan Buddhist and Yogic traditions.

Location: Our office is located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado on Pearl Street & Broadway Street. While we primarily serve residents of Colorado some of our services are offered virtually to people anywhere in the world. Please contact us to learn more.

Individualized care is often a casualty of our age of information, in which we are blessed with so many self help books and YouTube videos and all the forms of social media and yet the crucial element of human connection is missing.

Various mental health diagnoses can be useful. They can also obscure the actual situation by giving it a “one size fits all” label.

A State of Mind comes from a foundational belief that healing, in it’s deeper meaning of restoring to wholeness and a return to full vital energy, agency and self awareness is an innate capacity held by each one of us. This is why on a deeper level the search for some external source of healing, including various pharmacological approaches, is always limited and eventually, disappointing.

Please send us a message today to learn more, join our email list, or to schedule a free consultation. We are constantly adding to our website here so that it can be a valuable resource regarding therapy and psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Coaching and Life Coaching, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Couples Counseling, and more.
We are based out of Boulder Colorado. While we primarily serve residents of Colorado, including providing psychotherapy, coaching and meditation training to residents in Denver, Colorado and Aravada, Longmont, Lafayette, Lousiville, Broomfield and other nearby towns in the Front Range of Colorado, some of our services are offered virtually to people anywhere in the world. Please contact us to learn more.