Age Burning Sage

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Age Burning Sage

Age Burning Sage: spontaneous verse after being invited to visit a Naropa Class 6 months after graduating

Naropa University class, 15 women, thee men

Emotions and hysteria, rationality and logic, control and power

Rain and outrage,

Gratitude and confession,

Repression, expression and rage

Last week was the fourth week of helping teach mindfulness to two classes of middle school students. It has brought so many memories to my mind, waking up early and driving to school… Last weekend I heard of this double blind scientific study done where researchers were given a group of mice and told ‘this group of mice all performed below average on an intelligence test’ and the mice were then taken and run through some experiments. Another group of mice was the group that performed above average on intelligence tests. So not surprisingly the ‘below average’ group did worse on the tests than the ‘above average group.’ But the experiment was that actually there had been no intelligence test.  The only difference between the two groups of mice was what the researchers had been told about one group versus the other. This really made me think about the power our own labels and beliefs have on our reality. And I became really aware this week at the middle school that the first class is the so called ‘gifted class.’ And the second class is not. And each week I am there, the other teachers and counselors always comment on this and comment on how much more unruly the second class is. They speak out more, get out of hand more, don’t follow directions as well. But I love this second class. They have a lot of energy. I see no difference in basic intelligence between the two classes. I just hope that the kids absorb something of value about mindfulness. And I actually don’t want them to use it to be more ‘well behaved.’ What  I want is to see them use these teachings to free their own minds, their own awareness, their very being…

Dynamics and roles and a question of the stage

The context in which all these things seem to be made

Or at least take form and see the light of day

Our day


Rain and outrage

The question of a stage

And of a story and of who will tell it, who will hear it and who will realize

Gratitude and confession,

And Repression, and expression and rage

A circle, sitting

A room with worn shades of green carpeting

A teacher shining with the brightness of age, of wisdom, a life lived with a righteous sort of purpose, burning sage

A circle like a jazz choir

Sharing what they have to offer

Sharing moments and moments

this cold rainy day.

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