Age Burning Sage

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Age Burning Sage

Age Burning Sage: a spontaneous verse after being invited to visit a Naropa University Class 6 months after graduating

Naropa University class, 15 women, thee men

Emotions and hysteria, rationality and logic, control and power

Rain and outrage,

Gratitude and confession,

Repression, expression and rage

Dynamics and roles and a question of the stage

The context in which all these things seem to be made

Or at least take form and see the light of day

Our day


Rain and outrage

The question of a stage

And of a story and of who will tell it, who will hear it and who will realize

Gratitude and confession,

And Repression, and expression and rage

A circle, sitting

A room with worn shades of green carpeting

A teacher shining with the brightness of age, of wisdom, a life lived with a righteous sort of purpose, burning sage

A circle like a jazz choir

Sharing what they have to offer

Sharing moments and moments

this cold rainy day.

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