In Every Moment

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In Every Moment

One of the most healing and relaxing statements I have heard: In every moment, we are each just choosing the best possible response we could choose in that moment. Whatever we choose is the best seeming response in that moment. If there had been a better choice, you would have chosen that. So we precede, from moment to moment, doing the best we actually can. Recognizing that this process is happening right now begins the path of mindfulness in daily life. Through that recognition of what is happening, moment by moment, space and dis-identification with any particular object within the field of experience occurs more and more. If you are noticing some-thing, then that thing is not you, in the sense that the perceived object, whether it is a thought or emotion or an external object like a reflection or a table, will change continuously and eventually not be there, in your experience. So it is not ‘you.’ ‘You’ would more accurately be called the unchanging awareness within which all this happens. Through practice, we can see that the objects and appearances of experience are also not separate from one’s own innate awareness. At the very least, I can clearly say: there is no ‘one’ (ego or self) there. And in that way, there is oneness. Infinite interconnection is Oneness because everything touches everything else.

Written by Julian Royce

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