All Evil

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All Evil

All “evil” is the result of disconnection.

All the forms and manifestations of negativity from one person to another is the result of disconnection.

(Think about it. Trace it back. How can you have hatred towards something unless ‘it’ is seen as separate from you, the one who is hating ‘it’?)

In my life, whenever I feel disconnection with anyone, may I be the first to speak. May I be the first to be vulnerable. May I instantly find connection through recognizing that it is already the case. Even if that connection is one of feeling terrible or feeling totally cut off, still that feeling arises in this connection to another person or situation. It is the actual present point of now from which to move forward. What will happen when I speak my own truth of what is happening for me, to them? There is only one way to find out…

-December 2015

copied from my personal journal, written near the end of a retreat

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